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One Year After Using SK II Facial Treatment Essence Honest Review | Is SK II worth it? | 神仙水一年测试见证奇迹

Get SK II at discounted rate: 3:20
Other SK II products that I use: 4:04
Before \u0026 After: 5:25
Dupe for SK II: 10:10

Today's review is on SK II Facial Treatment Essence! I have been using SK II Facial Treatment Essence for more than a year and this is my SK II journey! Hope this video helps you to decide whether you want to start on your own SK II journey!

Link to product:

fyi: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence helps to improve the appearance of 5 dimensions of beautiful, crystal clear skin: spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved, and radiance is beautifully elevated.

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Been using this set for almost a month now and here's my take.
Can it remove your scars and blemishes? Is it worth the price? Is it effective?
Is it good for oily skin? Watch now to find out.
Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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Is SK-II Really Worth It?

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Aloha everyone! Today I'm addressing the controversial topic of luxury skin care and the brand SK-II. Known for Pitera in their miracle essence, I break down the details about scientific studies and evidence proving whether or not SK-II is worth the high price point! Watch to learn my final opinion!

Article outlining scientific evidence for Pitera:

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