How to Fix an Ice Maker - LG Refrigerator

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In this video, How to Fix an Ice Maker - LG Refrigerator, home renovation brothers Dave and Rich, and Dave's son, Caleb, show you a quick and easy DIY repair you can do to fix your faulty ice maker.

A common problem with ice makers is that the supply line freezes, or perhaps the ice tray is filled too high and freezes into a solid block, preventing the ice maker from dispensing ice.

One DIY hack involves using a hair dryer to blow warm air onto the supply line and surrounding area.

Feel around for any ice obstructions. Keep melting the ice until it appears that the ice maker is free and able to make ice again.

Some ice makers have a test button. If you push the test button you will see the ice tray spin, dispense ice, and get refilled by the supply line.

If that doesn't happen, you could have a faulty ice maker.

After you thaw all the ice blockages you now will have to close the appliance and wait for ice to be made. This could take several hours.

Hopefully you will then have a fresh bin of ice.

This technique is a temporary fix. It works great for when the ice maker bin is filled too high and simply needs to be thawed out and reset.

However, if the ice maker continually freezes up, it could need to be replaced.

Hope this helps!

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