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Pro'skit MT-1210 Digital Multimeter Unboxing & Testing on 1.5V Battery #multimeter #proskit

Bought thru lazada

The multimeter suitable for beginner and hobbyist.

набор отверток - биты proskit | набор инструментов с aliexpress обзор

набор отверток - биты proskit | набор инструментов с aliexpress обзор
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Proskit 57 в 1 Набор отверток SD-9857M прецизионные отвертки биты магнитные биты + удлинитель, биты, адаптер, инструмент для ручного ремонта.

Характеристики набора:
Материал: Хромованадиевая сталь
Магнитный: Да
Тип головки болтов: 5-угольный
Тип головки болтов: Pozidriv
Тип головки болтов: Звездообразный ключ
Тип головки болтов: Щелевой
Номер модели: SD-9857M

заработай биткоин

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Pro'sKit SS-331 Desolder Station Review

Frustrated with crappy solder suckers \u0026 solder wick? Me too! I've been longing for a proper desolder station for years. However, electric/vacuum desoldering tools were way too expensive for the average hobbyist. No longer is that the case.

Now we can find decent desoldering stations for just over $100 USD and they actually work well. Let's take a look at the Pro'sKit SS-331 desolder station, also sold as the ZD-8915.

Product links below along with UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE UPDATE update video \u0026 Dave's original ZD-985 video...

1. Banngood Pro'sKit SS-331H Desolder Station:

2. Amazon Pro'sKit SS-331E (110V version):

3. Amazon ZD-985 Desolder Station:

4. Amazon ZD-915 Desolder Station:

IMPORTANT! SS-331H Universal Voltage Confirmation Update Video:

Dave's ZD-985 desolder station video review:

Video Chapter Time Index:
- Intro 0:00
- Unboxing 1:44
- Looking inside the desoldering gun 11:28
- Looking inside the desoldering station 13:46
- Filter discussion for the SS-331 17:33
- Powering up \u0026 testing the Pro'sKit SS-331 18:10
- Desoldering demonstrations 20:20
- Cleaning solder out of the SS-331 24:25
- Conclusion 25:26

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